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Heru is the king of casual games. Simple puzzle, tower defense, and other games that can be started and stopped in less than five minutes — or turn into multi-hour festivals — represent a profit base for them that continues to grow. Regardless of the arguments of whether or not this is a good thing for the industry, one thing's for sure: Few games pull off being as addictive games.

Controls of the Game

Mouse = Aim & Shoot

Tips and Tricks to own at this game

Stand your ground

Build towers on time

Enjoy the game

game review

Heru, a game that was clearly inspired by the Japanese classic, Puzz Loop. Never has playing as a frog who spits balls at other balls been so addictive. Yes, that premise, although when it's worded like that, it attains a level of weirdness that is very common to PopCap's creations. Nonetheless, Heru was a classic game with many imitators (and resulted in a direct revival of Puzz Loop itself in the Nintendo DS game, Magnetica), none of which really captured the gameplay as well as PopCap. Now, they've released a competent, fun and addictive sequel in Heru's Revenge for PC. Inevitable piles of ports are sure to follow.